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Australian Owned

Blackwood Timbers is proudly Australian owned and operated business

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We believe in the quality and grade of our products and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Sustainably Sourced


To make sure that no timber/tree is wasted each tree is checked for grain / quality & flame/figure before any cutting process is started. Once the desired tree is found, it is tagged and recorded to comply with the Australian Forestry Laws and guidelines.

  • Highly selective cutting process.
  • Only small areas of forest are designated.
  • Requires special license from Australian Government.


Cut specifically for musical instruments

All Blackwood Timber has been quarter sawn with straight grain specifically for musical instruments. All our timber is naturally air dried.



Our timber is of the highest quality and sourced from mature forest trees. When blackwood trees get to a certain age there is the possiblity they may start to have issues with root rot and soft forest floor stability when wet. When large storms pass through it’s common to see these trees felled by these issues. We take this into consideration when choosing the right tree!

  • Opens up the tree canopy for new blackwood / other seed growth.
  • Best type of wood for figure / quality & musical instruments.

What our customer say

Thank you blackwood timbers! I just received my order of 3x Guitar Sets of AAA Blackwood and absolutely love them! Beautiful figure and grain with lovely color. Can’t wait to see how the wood looks once they are finished being made.

Luke M

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the Guitar Master grade set that just arrived. The wood even looks better in person that the photos! Thank you for taking the time and effort to help me choose my blackwood guitar set. Will send you photos once i finish the project.

Mark H